Padded at work / Last Day

The 1st Shift

Hello everyone, as you saw in my last post I went padded to work today…

It was definitely noticeable being that my jeans I wear for work kinda have a rather large hole in them… I’m planning on buying a new pair!

I’m loving doing this, and it makes my bike rides a bunch more comfortable.

Here’s more pics I took this morning.

It’s definitely going to be weird moving to a new location for this shift, I’ve been doing this shift for over 4 years now… But I should be good, It’ll just be bizarre seeing my old patch slowly change while doing my second shift.

Between Shifts

I’ve not long got home from my 1st shift & I’m still dry for the moment as I used the potty prior to padding up this morning… how long that’ll last I don’t know, I normally need to go #2 between shifts, and am planning to hold it and go when I get home from my 2nd shift and shopping, if I don’t feel like I’m able to hold it until I’m going/get home, I’ll use the potty before I leave for work as voted.

If I go #2 on my way home, I’d be ok with that, I’ll just need to walk next to my bike rather than ride and risk a leak… And I will try to avoid going while in stores.

Anywho… Time for this little bunny to get a much needed coffee & some toast, I’m updating this as the day goes on, so I’m adding more as it happens… I’m also thinking of wetting my diapee during my second shift (if it’s still dry by then), I clean the toilets so I can close the door behind me & record a wetting vid hehe.

2nd Shift, Shopping, & Back Home

My shift is now over and I’ve been shopping too, I amazingly still have a clean booty… but that doesn’t mean my diapee is dry.

I said between shifts that I may wet my diaper at work today, and I did indeed do that… Recorded it too hehe.

But yeah, not stinky as of yet, I’m sure I will be before long though as I’ve been holding it for quite a while, and was tempted to poopy on the way home… The only thing that stopped me is that I had frozen food with me that I needed to put in the freezer, and if I were to poop I couldn’t ride my bike.

A Few Minutes Later

Ya know what, I’ve held in this dooky long enough….

*Squats & starts grunting*

*giggles* I’m pooping my diapee while typing this… This is fun!

*A small fart can be heard as the seat of Tommy’s diaper expands*

I feel a lot better now I’ve gone, and will more than likely end up going a little more over time… I gotta admit, writing a post and pottying at the same time is new one for me, I’ll have to do it again sometime hehe.

As you can see by my bulgy diapee though, I’m a happy lil mushbutt.

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