Holiday / Poll: Padded To work?

Hiya everyone, just wanting to say that I’m super looking forward to my holiday… Friday is my last day, in multiple ways actually.

I’ll be on holiday for just over 2 weeks, but I’ll also be changing where I work when I go back to work…

Right now I do 2 shifts 1 starting at 6am (morning shift), and the other (lunch shift) around midday… Both at the same place.

When I go back, I’ll be moving to a new place for my morning shift, which gives me a little more each month too yay… But it also means that tomorrow morning will be the last time I see my colleagues (I work alone during the lunch shift).

This brings me to a question… Since I’m not going to be doing the morning shift there anymore, should I go padded to work… I may continue being padded for my 2nd shift too if I can keep my butt clean between them.

If I’m able to stay somewhat clean (don’t mind being a little soggy) between shifts, I’ll be going to town straight after my 2nd shift to go shopping on my way home… knowing my body clock I may end up going #2 while out, but I’ll try to avoid that at work.

Anyways… the question.

Results in… Looks like I’m Padding up for work in the morning 🙂