Soo, I made a Parody Song…

Ok… So I made part of a Parody of The Sound Of Silence by Disturbed, I have no idea why I decided to record this, and probably spent waaay too much time on it haha…


Hello diapers my old friend… I’ve come to change from you again
Because a blort was slowly creeping
To my butt while I was sleeping
And the impression of the smell left by that stain
Still remains~
Within the sagging diaper

Please excuse me being off key, I’m not a good singer by any stretch, and I was also using a webcam as a mic… I did try to clean it up best I could though.

This is where the idea for it came from, over in my personal Telegram group sparing from a comment one of my mods made on a pic from one of my members.

They responded with the majority of the lyrics and I finished it up… All in all this was all just a bit of fun.

Hope ya have fun listening to this nonsense, I defiantly had fun making it… With that said, Have Fun and Keep Stinking!

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