Birthday Surprises, Food Poisoning, & PC Stuff

My Birthday was kinda nutty, it started out pretty peaceful, I opened my B-Day card from my mum that’d came through a few days earlier…

But the peacefulness changed a fair bit when I went over to work to “pick up a birthday card, and have a brew”… My colleagues decided to surprise me on my birthday with a bunch of gifts, which nearly made my cry when opening, needless to say I’m gonna remember my 30th throughout my life… They even got me a cake!

Saying cake though, I didn’t end up having that on my birthday ‘cuz yeah… I decided to order food, and ended up getting food poisoning from it, and it took around 2 days for me to recover fully.

I also am gonna be getting my B-Day gift from my uncle soon, he got me something I’ve been saving up for for a while, and it’ll help me with drawing too! Mhmm, Bunny’s getting a Display Tablet! (A Huion kamvas Pro 13 to be Precise) so I’m 100% gonna keep getting up early waiting for it to arrive!

I’ve also received my Patreon reward from Flo too, I love how this turned out… I had requested something that showcases both sides my my self, both my big, and little sides seeing each other in a mirror.

Here are Flo’s Parteon links if you would like to support them.


Personally I think they hit it out the park with this one! and yes of course this is the stinky variant haha (Flo knows me too well).

I’ve always loved Flo’s art style, and am really happy that they’re now able to make a living from doing these cute drawings… Congratz to that Flo!

Anywho, I think that just about wraps up this blog post, short of re-installing windows on one of my flatmates laptops anyways haha… That would’ve made for a boring story, even if it was amusing to do an install in Spanish haha, also I leaned the Delete key is Supr, so that’s knowledge I doubt I’ll ever need again…

With that said, Have fun, and Keep Crinkling.