New Phone, Illness, Art, & A Diaper Load

Ok, where to begin with this mammoth of a blog post… As I mentioned in my previous post, my phone was having some really bad issues, thus since I had a really good pay for last month, I decided to bite the bullet and buy a new one outright… Thus this is my new phone.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro

Time for the illness part, during the day on Monday, my thought got really sore, and the next morning I felt a bit crappy (and not the the good way), thus I rang up work to say I wouldn’t be in as I wasn’t wanting to pass on what ever I had to the students in the schools I work…

Thankfully for me it turned out to just be a nasty cold, which is annoying common this time of year… I go back to work tomorrow, and don’t worry I did get check to make sure it wasn’t Covid.

Now it’s art time… If you browse the gallery often you may have noticed a new bit of art went up… This is a joint reward for myself and TykeCooney from Flo.

Here are Flo’s Parteon links if you would like to support them.


Okies, I think I’ve taken rather a long time to do a load vid at this point so here ya go…

I’d been holding this one for quite a while, so enjoy the crackly sound of this mess. This was also the first time I’ve tried recording a vid with my new phone, which is looking pretty damn good hehehe.

Anyhoo, I think this just about wraps up this rather long blog post, I wouldn’t uploaded more but due to my old phone I was unable to really take pics and stuff… But with that said, Stay Safe, and Stay Stinky.

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