Don’t Worry… I’m Still Alive

Hiya peeps… It’s been a long time since my last post, and a hell of a lot has happened since my last one, as such I’m going to break it down into a few segments.


Since my last post I’ve changed companies for my job, I also stopped working at one of the schools during the transfer process while gaining more hours at the other (this was so I wouldn’t get classed as having 2 jobs and cause my tax to sky-rocket).

After the initial stress of switching companies in November, and the hassle of moving from monthly pay to bi-weekly everything was going good…

That is until my 1st week back after Christmas break, after being back a week I got told that I’m being put on Furlough, as such I’m currently stuck at home until the schools re-open (with only 80% of my wage, making me glad I gained an extra hour a week during the company switch).

On the bright side though, being stuck at home has given me more time to be a mushbutt haha.

My Mum had Cancer

At the start of December, when I was planning to visit my mum for Christmas (more on why that didn’t happen later) she informed me that she had Ovarian Cancer… Needless to say I was very worried, but she got an operation, and is now Cancer free and on the mend.

Christmas, or Lack There Of

As I just mentioned, I wasn’t able to visit my Mum this year (thanks to COVID restrictions), and ended up staying at home… This was also my 1st Christmas on my own, I spent the day padded up, and ended having a few cans of cider and ordering noms.

Being A Stinker

I’ve been keeping up my stinky antics throughout all of of the above, and have made a bunch of videos over on ThisVid but here’s the newest one for ya.

I wanted to make a vid showing the life of one of my diapers, from just after putting it on, so throwing away… enjoy ‘cuz this took about 2 hours to edit.


Outside Stinker

I’m glad to say that I’ve also started to get back into drawing again after taking a rather long hiatus… This is my latest one, that I originally designed to be a sticker.

I really liked how it looked so decided to make it a complete drawing, the background is just a simple gradient, but I liked the final result.

I also have another drawing done and ready to give to Flo (OverFlo207) on their birthday next month… looking forward to their reaction to that one ‘cuz I decided to to make it kinda naughty hehehe.

Where Have I Been?

As far as physically, no where… But as far as my blog goes, I’ve been spending most of my time on Telegram…

I talk a bunch in a few groups such as my personal one (where peeps like to show of their loads), BulgyButts & Co. (That I co-own and run with a few others, this one is also stinky, but no visible poopy allowed here) and a recently made ABDL & LGBTQ+ Group I crated known as The HideOut (the name comes from a community that I founded on Second Life a few years back as a safe space for ABDL’s, I felt it to be a fitting homage to it).

NOTE: All Telegram Groups mentioned are strictly 18+ only

But yeah, that’s where I’ve been lately, and I feel it’s time I get back to trying to the blog again… With that said, Have fun, Stay Safe, and Stay Crinky!