Moved House

Hiya everyone, I know it’s been a while since my last post, but yeah… I’ve had rather the crazy summer break from work.

As you can see I’ve moved, and it was a heck of a journey to do.

I’d lived in my old place for about 5 years (if you include moving from 1 flat to another in the same building), but on my 1st day of summer break from work, I get an email through telling me I have until the end of November to find somewhere else to live.

The landlord put the entire block of flats for sale (20 peeps total getting kicked out). Needless to say I wasn’t expecting that, thus a stressful holiday ensued…

I spent almost all of it looking and applying to move to other places around here (as the people I rented from didn’t have any spare rooms) and got declined for an en-suite room that was right next to work… which annoyed my greatly since I’d already paid up a £50 holding fee for the place, all because I couldn’t provide a Guarantor.

Thankfully I was able to find a place with the same rent as where I lived previously, and without needing a Guarantor, and didn’t want to employ a yes-man as one even though I’d have no issues paying rent.

I had a lot of stuff to move, and thankfully a colleague was able to organize a van for me get all of my stuff moved over… And yes that included all of my padding (which I made sure to box up so no-one would see haha).

I’m honestly surprised I managed to fit everything into my new place, and even have a space under the stairs here to store my padding hehe.

I gotta say though, I kinda like this this place, it’s nice and peaceful, with both front and back gardens, though there is one teeny tiny issue…

The bathroom is ages away from my room, my room leads into the kitchen, and then I’d need to go through the lounge, then upstairs, to use the potty… I suppose it give me a good reason to wear padding 😛

This place is also closer to my work, so is kind of a godsend as now it takes less than 20 mins to get to work, instead of the 40 it used to take where I used to live, and I’m just down the road from a little shop which is never a bad thing.

I’ve settled in well here now, and I’m happy, the other 2 peeps that also live here at current are really nice too… and I did pre-warn them about smells being my room leads into the kitchen… One of which has already smelt me already, not gonna lie, that one was kinda awkward.

But yeah, now ya know where I’ve been, and I will try to be a little more active, but I can’t promise… With that said, Have fun and Keep Crinkling.

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  • Hi Tommy, Sorry to hear you had to spend your summer vacation from work looking and moving for a place to live. Glad you found one you like. Hope you will be able to make a video or two soon. Take Care. A fellow diaper lover.