Stinker Finder

Hiya Peeps… This is a project to allow y’all to find local stinkybutts, be that Padded, or in Undies (That’s potty rebels for ya) haha… Just zoom the map to see if there are stinkers nearby.

Feel free to add your location (using the big + in the corner), along with a tiny bit of info such as a Profile Pic, Art Site Profiles, and Telegram/Discord usernames for example.

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All Submissions are verified manually (if your submission contains anything usable to trace you, that part will be removed prior to going live)… Your pin can also be removed/updated if requested… Go Here if you wish for your pin to be removed/updated.

If you’re contacted by someone claiming to have found you via this page, we are not held responsible for the interactions that may occur… But please be sure to not give out too much information, as this can potentially be used by the contactor for ill intentions… Please be careful when giving out info, if you plan to meet said person, make sure to do it in a public setting to avoid potential issues.

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