Baby Tommy & Me

Tommy is my fursona, he’s became my virtual embodiment over the years… I see myself as this purple and green little fuzzball.

Like me Tommy does wear diapers (Info in the ABDL section below), and is also gender fluid (Info further down).

I personally am very happy go lucky, and have a rather bizarre sense of humor.

My interests include things like Music, Technology, and Gaming. I am a Coffee Addict and also Vape (Does that make me a hipster)… Anyway, my favorite foods are Lasagna & Pizza, and I’m just a big nut overall.

Face to face I’m quite shy at first, and don’t talk much, I stutter a lot too, almost turning into porky pig at times… But once I start to get comfortable I’ll come out of my shell and end up being quite the chatterbox, but then I have a habit of rambling a lot, so yeah… Next Section!

Why am I an ABDL?

ABDL Pride Flag

My story of becoming an ABDL is quite a long one, so you may wanna take a seat, or if out, ’till you get home to read…

It all started when I was very young, I had just finished Potty Training, and able to hold through the night. That’s when it happened, my older brother (now ex brother), sexually abused me during the night, causing permanent damage in the process, and swore me to secrecy.

I was really scared at that point and had locked that experience away in my the back of my mind, but had always wondered why I was getting a relapse in my training, to the point of having multiple accidents over the years after.

A little later I was visiting a friend’s house, let’s call him AJ for privacy purposes. While I was there I could smell poop on AJ, so being the little angel of a 6 year of I went over to his dad and told him… I see him bring AJ upstairs and into the bathroom… Me being the nosey bugger, I snuck up after them and could see in from the top of the stairs.

Turns out AJ wore diapers, which was something I have never realized before… When we were back in the playroom after his change, I asked him about it, and he told me that he is potty trained, but wears them ‘cuz he likes it. This got me thinking a lot.

Fast forward about 10 years, and I’d moved to a new town with my mum & sister (Brother had moved out by this point and had a girlfriend & kids), at this point we got the internet… and I still had what AJ told me all those years ago stuck in my head, so I decided to look it up online… and found there were loads of people who wear them, not just kids either.

About a year and a half goes passed and I started to buy diapers out of curiosity, and wear them behind my mums back, and I loved it… It was the feeling I’d missed all those years, a couple of months later we get a phone call from the police about my brother… They said that he and his girlfriend had been arrested for the creation and distribution of child pornography, including scenes showing then sexually abusing their kids…

Needless to say THAT jogged my memory, and I suddenly realized why I felt like wearing diapers was right… They were my safe place… A place where I couldn’t be hurt.

I did say this was going to be a long story and now you can see why, not to worry the next section will be a lot shorter.

Why Gender Fluid/Neutral?

Gender Fluid Pride Flag

The story of my choice to become gender fluid/neutral is a more straightforward than my ABDL one, and is down to experience.

As a kid, I was always told that boys like “boy” thing and girls like “girl” things, but I was never like that… I loved to play dress-up with my sister and had no problems with her putting me in a skirt… I also loved to play with my toy cars and robots, so I was kind of a mix. As time went by I never felt comfortable being either male or female as I was always more of a feminine male…

I eventually settled on becoming Gender Fluid/Neutral, as this would allow for me to look, feel, and act as I do… And before you say “You’re just greedy sex wise!No! I honestly have zero interest in sex, I’ll admit I like to pleasure myself once in a while, but as far as sex… That’d be a nope.

I’m now at the point where I’m officially title-less… If I’m ever required to put a title, I put “The”, I do still get referred to by the male pronouns by my colleagues and family, and that doesn’t really bother me, but I know that I’m the gender I chose to be, not determined by the parts I’m born with.