Diaper Review: ABU’s DinorawrZ

1st Impressions

As many of you know, I loved the Bunnyhopps, but had only tried the 2-tabbed variant before ABU released the 4-tab version… My only issues with with the fit around the waist with only 2 tabbed (not due to design, but due to my body shape), so I thought with my diaper order I’d try out the DinorawrZ as they’re pretty much identical to the 4-tabbed Bunnyhopps, but with a different design.

So far fit wise, I’m absolutely loving them, and am still clean at the point of writing this part… Here are a couple of Photos showing how they look… Personally I think they’re adorable.

They are nice and thick, giving a nice waddle as you walk, but also nice and snug fitting, so I don’t feel like i’m likely to leak (I will find out once I start to use it)… As far as the tabs, they’re awesome as they use the hook & loop system much like the Bunnyhopps, allowing for easy re-tightening when needed.

Diaper Testing (Wetting & Soiling)

I’ve just finished my 1st use of the DinorawrZ, doing both a large wetting, and a poopy while standing, I did it standing to test absorption rate as I let my bladder empty at full speed.

While wetting I found that it’s more than capable of keeping up with my bladder and absorbed upwards to the front very easily, and are suitable for multiple wettings…

Messing was also extremely capable due to the leak guard positions, and seem capable for even multiple loads for those who wear for extended periods….

I’ve seen a few diapers that fail on this due to getting narrower as they lead to the top rear, which can sometimes lead to blowouts if you don’t adjust them before going, so it’s nice to see nicely positioned guards on these.

Extended Wear/Leak Testing

So far I’ve done a couple more wettings, with no issues… It’s been soaking it up very well… I did need to tighten a little due the position I’m in, but that was no issue thanks to the hook & loop tabs.

I’m nearing my time to go and change (in about a couple of hours at this point), and am currently sat down with no signs of a leak at all, It’s all staying nicely inside it’s also holding the smell back pretty well too which is a plus hehe.

As a whole the DinorawrZ are holding up very well, and I feel a lot more secure with the 4-tabs too… But yeah, Here’s a pic of how it looked right before my changy.

Overall Review

For my overall review, I’ve got to say that these are really cute (though missing a wetness indicator, much like the Bunnyhopps)… They are also nice and thick, causing a bit of a waddle while walking, though is quite noticeable if worn under clothes.

They fit amazingly, and feel nice and snug, and benefit from the easy to adjust tabs. They also hold a lot when in comes to wetting and messing, I’ve been in this for hours and seen no signs of a leek (even after sitting).

All in all, this is a 100% recommendation for those who love the cute aesthetic, and love to stay padded for hours on end… I do however feel sorry for those changing their little after that long, ‘cuz that’d be a long cleanup (just be sure to change them before they rash, no-one like a rash).

With that said, I think it’s probably about time I go and change, before I stink out the whole flat hehe… Have fun, Stay Safe, and Keep Crinkling!