Padded Train Ride & Extra Mushiness

I’d mentioned in my last post that I’d planned on it being a stinky one, and that’s what it is today…

The reason for the delay is that I wasn’t sure whether my pc would even be able to render a video without a dedicated graphics card. Turns out it can! With that said, Enjoy my Adventure!

I’ve also realized that I never showed any of my gifts I got for Christmas either, so i’m gonna remedy that now.

These are a pair of PJs my Mum got me, and they are probably one of the most comfortable things I own now… and they hold my mushy padding nice and snug too hehe.

My Uncle ended up getting me a whole lot of cycling supplies to go along with my new bike, such as new Lights, Waterproofs (That have already came in handy more than once), and even a little backpack to put it al in.

All in all it was an awesome christmas, and I really enjoyed it… Now i’m just hoping these next few months go by quick ‘cuz I’m saving up for a new PC… If you wish to help towards it feel free to below, but only if you really wanna.