My PC Died…

Update: I have since found out that my graphics card died in my PC, so am having to use the internal “ATI Radeon 3000” Graphics… that can’t even run Minecraft Bedrock, as you can see.

So yeah no gaming for me for a few months, but i can at least still edit my vids now.

I had every intention of making a new stinky vid for you all to watch, but while watching a youtube vid between work shifts today, THIS happened…

So basically I’m without a PC for a few months ’til I can save up for a new one, which we take ’til around June, so expect a lack of videos as my laptop isn’t suited to to rendering nor do I have access to my files needed.

I was planning to start saving for a new computer on the 15th, it seems my PC didn’t want to wait to die until I had the funds for a new one, so I’m going to be without a desktop for a good few months now.

What really sucks is that I was just starting to get into streaming too, and was playing Yooka-Laylee on twitch, and the reason I wanted to start saving for an upgrade to increase my quality… but it looks like that bugger is gonna get postponed now, hence the video title.

If you wish to aid me in getting a new computer, feel free to donate via PayPal below.

I hope to get back to being able to make normal posts again soon, though it may take a while thanks to my PCs death, but with that said, have fun and stay crinkly (I know I will be thanks to this).

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