New Phone (Again!)

Unlike my last “New” Phone, this one was not found, but is fully mine… This is not only my 1st ever contract phone, but is also 1st phone I’ve bought for myself ever.

The phone is a Sony Xperia 10 in Navy, and I absolutely love it, mostly due to its screen which is 21:9.

For those wondering, yes I am using a different launcher… I personally love Smart Launcher for the design and sleekness.

The phone is capable of recording 4k video, so expect to see a new vid at the weekend to test it . Currently the phone is caseless, but I’ve ordered one that matches the color to help keep it presteine and scratch free.

It’s still using the temp number that came with the phone, but I got in contact with my old courier to get the PAC Code to move my number over to it… And that should kick in tomorrow, that means I won’t need to contact a million and one people to give them a new number.

The 1st thing I decided to do after setting it up was to give to camera a quick test… I did this by snapping a quick pic of my coffee in my adorable new mug.

Anyways, just wanting to give you all a quick update about this as I’d mentioned in my Last Post that I was having issues getting it with my old courier.