Stress, Relief, Diaper Delivery, & Muddy Butts Adventurers


I planned to get my new Phone from o2 Yesterday while I was out shopping… But something happened that stressed me out.

As I was with them sorting out all of the things like contract length and how much data I’d want, we came into a snag… Their system rejected me about my credit rating, they recommended going to my bank to look into it.

Soo… I went to my bank, they ran a credit check on me, and I’ve got a very good credit rating, and even they have no idea why their system rejected me… So I decided to go online once I got home, and am currently in the process of getting the phone via Vodafone instead.

Update: I just got an email saying that it’s being dispatched, so new phone soon… YAY


I Padded up last night before bed and woke up still dry… But that didn’t last too long as I soon did my morning wetting.

After a little while longer, while I was chatting on Telegram and catching up on a few videos on YouTube, I felt an intense need to go poody.

Since I was Padded and wet, I grabbed my phone and decided to go on cam for you all.

Hope you enjoy the Vid!

Diaper Delivery

As many of you know I’ve been wanting to get a few packs of Lucky Diapers from Nappies-R-Us for a while, I use them whenever I need diapers anyway and have been wanting to do this for a while.

As you can see, my Diapee Delivery came today, and I’m super happy about it.

I got an awesome variety of padding to try, test, & review… And also a couple of other bits too such as the Baby Bear T-Shirt, and PlayDayz Mug… though that one’s mostly ‘cuz I’m a coffee addict lol.

The pack as a whole came quickly and discreetly, so no fear for those wanting to hide their purchase from prying eyes.

Muddy Butts Adventurers

As I’m sure a few of you have noticed, I chat in the Muddy Butts Adventurers Group on Telegram quite often and have mentioned them a few times…

Well I’m happy to announce that I’m now their newest Mod… I feel it’s only right to link to them here, as this is an honor to me.

I was legit bouncing when I got asked hehe.

Muddy Butts Adventurers Group

As a whole it’s an 18+ Group dedicated to those who Fill their Diapers and/or Undies. It’s a super friendly place to relax and be a stinker, you can share your mushiness too (so long as there’s no visible poopy, that one’s a nono). You’ll need to get used to the smell if you do join though hehe.

All in all though, it’s a awesome place to chat… Oh yeah, expect regular Diapee Checks.