Stinky Saturday & Ideas?

I padded up Friday night, and as I was relaxing in bed watching videos and chatting on Telegram.

While I was chatting I felt like I needed to go poopy, finding myself farting a lot… and it stunk lol.

While I was tooting away, I accidentally pooped out a nugget in my diaper.

As I chatted more, I got caught off guard as the front of my diaper suddenly became warm… I apparently needed to tinkle, but I didn’t realize at the time… I guess I’m used to being padded lol.

Waking up this morning I was still quite gassy, and as I was tooting my diaper bulged out as I ended up pottying in the process.

This didn’t bother me though as I already had the nugget from last night in it.

I wanted to take a few pictures too, so I decided to do a POV pic to give everyone an idea of what my Pupper Pal would’ve seen prior to lowering my booty to their face.

Not sure why I felt like doing this pic, I just wanted to be a nut… Also I have a quick question for you all, do you have any photo or video ideas for me, such as positions and content? If so, feel free to comment them down below, and when I do them I’ll give you a shout-out if you’d like.

Also for those wondering, Yes I’m still in the diapee while writing this up hehe.

Update: Added a Bonus Video with this diaper here.

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  • How about some messing while sitting? Hehe i love to do that :3 when i do it my mess just spread everywhere in a big mushy stinky mess x3Oh or maybe a compilation of farting while padded? That would e cute too!