Doodling & Accidental Nose Bleed

1st lets start with the doodle… I got talking with Flo (OverFlo207) discussing my Patreon reward and this popped into my mind… Especially since I got asked about this in my last TMI Tuesday post.

But yeah, if you’ve got any questions for me feel free to ask them there.

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The nose bleed… and more to the point why I put it in the title as “Accidental”.

Well this happened Sunday night while I was having a shower, I was rinsing my hair off and when I went to run my finger threw my fringe (bangs in the US), my finger caught right inside my nostril.

This caused a rather nasty nose bleed to the point I had to sit down in the shower with its door open due to light-headedness, it felt like I was about to pass out, thankfully once it had stopped I was back to normal within about half an hour.

It was definitely a scare for me as I normally don’t get lightheaded when having a nose bleed, and never feel like I’m gonna pass out… I think the reason for this was ‘cuz of the extra heat and moisture in the air from the shower, but can’t be sure for curtain.

Update: I decided to do a little bit of extra work on the Doodle I made for Flo, and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

While updating this I fixed up a lot of the rough edges, added color, and even ended up adding a background to it… Overall I just wanted to make it look a fair bit better.

I’ve left a Poll below for some feedback on the pic.

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