Wetting While Working

Last night I was chatting in the Muddy butts Adventurers Group and it got me wanting to pad up (I normally only tend to pad up on weekends), and with a bit of encouragement from the members there, I decided to get padded up before bed to work padded today.

My 1st shift I kept it dry, and it stayed that way until I got home when I peed a teeny bit to relieve a little bit of pressure… I planned on taking a pic while I was there, but only had my potato phone with me in-case I needed to contact my supervisor like last time… which (even though it has nothing on it) had no storage left to let me take a pic… This is why I always used to have an SD in it!

My second shift however I just let myself relax and wet as I was working, which feels really nice by the way.

I decided to bring the phone I’d found with me this time instead as I wasn’t expecting any calls.

By the end of my shift I was quite wet as you can see by the pic hehe… This was in the potty at work BTW.

Also worth mentioning, there were a few times during my 2nd shift that my diaper decided to peek out from under my t-shirt, and I just decided to roll with it rather than keep pulling down my shirt every 5 minutes… No-one commented though, so all is good.

Anyhoo… I’ll see you all later, I’m planning to change after dinner, and will not pad up for work tomorrow as I need to go shopping after.

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