Pay Problems & Burglar Alarms

Ok… This morning was bloody crazy… It started out pretty normal with me cycling to work, I talked with my supervisor a little bit before I got working, and we got talking about our payday (which is the 15th), apparently she’d been putting me down as 2 and a half hours a day, rather than the 3 that I’m working.

Thankfully it meant I only lost 2 hours worth of pay this month, and the missing pay will go on next months pay instead… it was an easy mistake to make given I just started there.

After I got done with that area I cycled over to the offsite building I clean (sports building), this is when things really turned nutty.

I unlocked the building as I do every day, and went to turn off the alarm, but there was a problem… The door to the room the alarm control panel is in was closed, I went to open it and it wouldn’t budge.

At this point the alarm went into crazy loud mode ‘cuz I hadn’t been able to turn it off yet, I looked at the door and saw it had a code lock on it, so I assumed that’s why it wasn’t opening.

I walked out of the building so I could hear myself think (it was insanely loud) and I texted my supervisor to see if she knew the code for it, as I’d never been told it.

She texted me back a code, I punched it in to find the door still wouldn’t budge, so I went to text her back… but yeah, I’d ran out of credit on my phone, talk about bad timing.

I walked up to the school next to the sports building, asking if anyone knew the code for the door, but sadly no-one did, as apparently even though the field the sports building is on is connected to their school, they don’t use it.

They did however let me use their phone to call my supervisor, who proceeded to call me back on my phone… we tried a few more codes to no avail… at this point the alarm silenced itself as it’d been going off for half an hour, meaning I was at least able to start working without being deafened.

My supervisor got one of the PE staff to come over to my building while I was working, he managed to get into the room where the alarm control is… and it turns out the keypad on the door didn’t even do anything, and the problem was that a javelin that had fallen behind the door, stopping it from being able to open.

The fact that the alarm was armed, must’ve meant that it’d fallen on its own too, figures it’d block the one place I needed to go.

Random story I know, but this shows how crazy this morning was… and that was all before 9AM.

Anyhoo, I’ll see you all later as I just wanted to share this crazy ass story.

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