My Fullest Diaper Yet

I mentioned Yesterday that I was planning on spending the night stinky… Well I did that, and decided in the morning to try and see how much I could load my padding, and here’s how that experience went.

When I woke up, I felt the need to go poop again… That when I decided to that I wanted to create my biggest bulge in the back of my diaper.

This is no easy feet however considering how many times I’ve pooped padding before… But I took on the challenge anyway.

After this initial poopy, it being my second one in my diaper as I’d gone before bed, I chilled out and relaxed to some YouTube videos for a while, making sure not to squish the bulge.

After a little while of watching videos, I went and got myself my morning coffee, and some toast, probably stinking up the kitchen in the process… But by this point my nose was used to the smell.

After I finished breakfast I felt the need to go poop again as the coffee took effect, resulting in this picture.

After this load I found myself chatting on Telegram most of the day to the peeps in the Muddy Butts Adventurers chat, and kept gradually using my diaper more, including ANOTHER load and wetting the back as well, as you can see by these pics, the diaper was freaking loaded by this point.

After this I did a quick poll in the chat asking if I should record squishing this mega poop when I changed… needless to say that is was an overwhelming YES! So enjoy the Mega Squish, and the Bagged Diaper pic.

Bye Bye Mega Poop

Also, don’t forget if you want to ask me any questions, you can do that over on my TMI Tuesday Q&A, and I’ll answer them publicly on the following TMI-T post.

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