Poofy at Work & Idiots in Cars

I said in my last post that I may go to work padded today and I did, it was only for my second shift though as I didn’t have time to pad up before my 1st shift.

I love going to work padded, though I will say I was very warm down there while waddling around working… I didn’t get any looks either hehe.

After work I went shopping, and on the way to town I had an idiot pull out right in front of me after looking directly at me, making it so I had to slam on the brakes to avoid going straight into the side of her car.

One of the workers on the construction site next to where I was shouted towards her car saying “Don’t pull out in front of bike you stupid bitch!”, meanwhile I was giving her the finger as she went past me.

After I was done shopping I was heading home, and as I was indicating to pull into my street (I was in the center of my lane ready for the turn) and this dumbass truck driver decided to speed up and go past me, if I hadn’t have looked back after hearing the engine rev up and stopped indicating he would’ve took my arm off… needless to say after they passed I was swearing up a storm toward them.

It’s days like today that I think some people really need to get there drivers license revoked, I try to be a safe cyclist, I always make sure to indicate and follow the rules of the road, yet a few drivers think they’re better than the rules, it pisses me off.

Anyways… Holiday! I am now off for a week, and am planning to enjoy it, apologies for the rant, but I needed to vent, also don’t forget… If you have any questions at all for me that you want me to publicly answer, feel free to ask them over on my TMI Tuesday Q&A page, and it’ll be answered the following TMI-T post, for personal questions you can contact me either via the site, or PM me on a social network.

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