Tomorrow… Last Day / Another Phone

Tomorrow is my last day at work, then a week off… I need to go shopping on my way home from work & I might go to work padded up tomorrow too, but that’ll depend on if I feel I can hold off going until I at least get out of work… If I go while shopping that should be ok though.

I’ve also been looking into getting a new phone, I’ve gotten so used to Google Pay and now that phone isn’t usable as a phone as I mentioned in my other post… I think I already know what phone I’m wanting to get.

Since I quite like the Sony phone I found, I’m wanting to go with the Sony Xperia 10, it’ll take a little bit to get used to it’s height though (that’s what she said) because it’s a 6 inch 9:21 screen, so it’s a pretty big phone, it also has dual rear cams & can record in 4k… So it’ll be a step up in quality too.

It’ll also be the 1st contract phone I will have ever had so I’m both looking forward to it, and a little scared of the commitment… I’ve only ever been on pay as you go before.

I won’t be able to get it until next payday though, but I’m looking forward to getting it, and as a plus side it’ll allow me to be online while out too, ‘cuz I currently don’t use data ‘cuz it’d take it out of my credit.