Back to Potato Phone / Fire Alarm!

I said in my post almost 3 weeks ago that I gained a phone.

Now there’s a problem, this phone was apparently a contract phone, and the original owner must have not paid it’s bill.

Now the phones IMEI is networked barred, meaning I can’t use it as a phone.

I can still use it for media and for recording, but am back to my old potato of phone as a, erm well… phone.

I am planning to get a new phone next pay day though, which may be better then both phones, so keep an eye out around the 15th.

Also my TMI Tuesday post will be going out once I get home from my second shift… just wanted to give this mini update.

Holy cow… just got home from my second shift… I was not expecting the fire alarm to go off there. Turns out one of the students didn’t want to sit the exam so set off the alarms.

On the plus side though, because we all had go to the assembly point, I didn’t need to work anywhere near as long as I normally do… No complains on that one, though I’m pretty sure I got a sunburned forehead from standing out there lol.

Anyway… I’m gonna get started on my TMI Tuesday post now!

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