Some Very Good Luck

Yesterday morning I had a bit of very good luck… When cycling home from work at 9am I spotted a phone sat on a grass verge, there was no-one around so I picked it up, tapped the power button on it, and found it was on the initial setup screen.

I thought that someone may have factory reset it, and because it was missing a sim card it meant that it was (according to the police) “effectively impossible to trace back to an owner without disassembly, as the serial number is within the phone itself.” so they said to just keep it & they’ll contact me if anyone asks about it.

So when I got home I entered in my info expecting to run into the “Google Account Protection” screen that shows up for any device that’s been factory reset (requiring logging into the original account to continue the setup), but to my surprise it let me set it straight up, meaning this must’ve been it’s 1st setup (which is odd considering it had a case on it).

Once I got to the home screen I realized that the phone is apparently for the network I was already on, meaning I could put my sim in and it’d work straight away.

It is by far in a way a better phone than I was using, heck the main camera has gone from 12mp to 23mp… Here’s a pic I took while testing it.

I would have made this post yesterday, but I wanted to give a bit of time prior incase I got a call back… Which I’ve not gotten as of over 24 hours, so it looks like I have a new toy to play with WOOT!

I’m gonna try not to get too attached, but so far I’m loving this phone, and it should even help with my video & photo quality too, ‘cuz from what I can tell this has a bloody good camera.

As it stands I have no idea who this belonged to, or why it was on a grass verge & not even set up yet… Making this a really interesting turn of events, and given that no-one has even contacted the police about it, it makes for an epic way to gain a new phone… But can’t say I didn’t try to get it returned.

Anyways, I’m gonna leave this post here… it’s been a weird day, but I am not gonna complain! lol.

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