A Poop Bulge Appears

I ended up changing out of my Cloth Diaper last night before I went to bed (it got pretty wet hehe), and put on one of my TENAs… then in the morning I wet the front a bit.

Later on I felt like I needed to go poop. I figured that I hadn’t done a regular poopy vid in a while, so I grabbed my phone and decided to record it.

After I recorded the 1st clip I got another cramp so grabbed my phone and recorded the second clip after… there was about a minute gap between them.

All in all I feel the video came out pretty good, and I got a pretty loud fart too which kinda caught me off guard when recording haha.

Feel free to tell me what ya think of the video in the comments, and if you have any question for me, feel free to ask them over on my TMI Tuesday Q&A Area, and it’ll be answered on the following TMI-T post.

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