My Views: Cloth Diapers

My Cloth Diaper (Brand: LukLoy)

For me I love cloth diapers even though I mostly wear disposable ones… This is for a few reasons, the main being leaks as cloth diapers do have a slight issue with this, thankfully that can be remedied pretty easily by plastic pants.

The other reason is the smell, as many of you know I like to be a stinker, and disposables hold the smell better in my opinion.

Now for the reasons I love them, 1st being the bulk… I love the feel and bulk of cloth diapers between my legs, and find they put me in a littler mindset than disposables do.

The designs you can get for cloth diapers are freaking adorable too, and the best part is that you don’t have to throw them away after you go potty in them, but instead get washed and worn all over again, which leads me to my next point, cost…

This is a major reason I love my cloth diaper, ‘cuz unlike disposables you get a lot more use for your money, and are fantastic for those on a budget… Also another plus is they look adorable on your plushies as well, 2 of mine wear them like I do hehe.

Doomsday & Daisy in Cloth Diapers (Brand: TotsBots)

I want to end this post with a few tricks I use for washing my diapers…

  • First remove any solid mess you can into the potty.
  • Second, If you have a powerful shower use that to blast of the rest of the inside, making sure to remove the inserts 1st (if your diaper uses them). I recommend using your palm on the other side of where you’re trying to clean as it’ll aid in the removal.
  • Third, rinse and ring out the inserts a few times, this helps a lot for the excess smell and removes a chunk of pee from them, and is a lifesaver if you’re a few days away from laundry day.

I know this was a little bit of a longer post, so here’s a link to my Cloth Diaper Pics, and if you want to ask me any questions regarding this post, or any other questions for that matter, you can ask them over on my TMI Tuesday Q&A Hub and it’ll be answered the following TMI-T Post.