A Stinky Nights Sleep

I said last night that I wanted to sleep stinky and I did, the photo is what my padding looked like not long after I woke up.

It’s slightly bulgier in the back than when I went to bed ‘cuz I needed to go a little more when I woke up.

Since then I’m a bit wetter and have gone doody even more, yet somehow I’ve managed to not squish it lol.

Here’s a couple of photos of what my padding looks like now, I love having a full diaper, though I will be changing before too long… I’ve already been a stinker for almost 16 hours, I’m really glad I don’t rash.

My Padding is getting nice and full, I plan to give this a good squish before I change.

I will say that I must have been really comfortable while sleeping last night though ‘cuz I managed to sleep for about 10 hours, which is rare for me as I normally sleep for around 7 hours.

Soo… While typing up this blog post I’ve ended up dropping another load in this thing.

This diaper is freaking heavy, I’m pretty sure that when I sit it’ll spread throughout my padding.

I might post a bonus squish vid later if I feel like making one… OMGosh I can already see the title now “Multi-Loaded Diaper Squish”.

The Squish Vid

Anyways, here’s a pic of how full my padding currently is.