Bonus: Multi-Loaded Diaper Squish

This is the same diaper that I put on Yesterday, and has had about 3 loads dropped into it.

I hadn’t squished it until now and it feels nice, I’m kinda surprised it didn’t leak, and it was squished to the front hehe… I was feeling naughty, so shush.

Here’s where this diaper started

One Much Needed Change Later

I feel so much better after that cleanup, I think I’m gonna let my booty breathe for a good few hours.

The cleanup was pretty hard given how long I was stinky for and how much I’d gone, but nothing the jet mode of the shower couldn’t remedy lol.

This bagged up diaper was heavy AF… I just put it in the trash outside ‘cuz there is no way I’m letting it stink up the house.

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