Planning to Draw More…

I’ve been wanting to start drawing again, but also upping the quality of my drawings in the process. This would be done by getting a new piece of hardware.

The main reason I’ve not been drawing is because, like many others I have a disconnect when trying to use my graphics tablet, to the point where I use the mouse instead for detail work.

This got me wanting to save up for a Display Tablet, as I feel more at home drawing on paper… So seeing what I’m drawing at the tip on my stylus would make it a lot more comfortable for me.

This is the tablet I’m looking into getting, it’s one of the cheapest options at £200, but that’s all I’d really need.

Saving up for this will take me a few months, and once I’ve got it I’ll be a super happy bunny… I’m beginning to save, and already have £38 going towards it (it would’ve been more, but my PC required a RAM upgrade).

I also have this in my Amazon Wishlist (If you feel super kind), and if anyone wants to aid in helping me save up for it, feel free to Donate below (If you really want to, I don’t expect anything).

[wpedon id=922]

Other than that I’m planning on padding up again shortly… I would have done it earlier, but I needed to meet up with my area manager & new supervisor, so I know what I’ll be doing when I move to my new work location after my holiday.

Side note: This post is not a plea for Donations, but is to show what I’m starting to save up for… As I said above, I’m been wanting to draw more, but have trouble due to the disconnect when using a Tablet or Mouse.

I also have a question to anyone who draws either as a hobby or professionally, be it Traditional, Digital, or Both.