I Gained a new Cuddle Buddy

Me & Hopps the Bunny

I’ve had my eye on this guy for over a week now, but needed to wait ’till pay day to be able to get him.

I’ve called him Hopps (Not ‘cuz of Judy so :P) and he’s really soft, and about the same size as my largest Teddy (Snowball)… I debated calling him Chungus ‘cuz of the meme, but decided against it.

It was an interesting experience bringing this guy home with me, because of his size he can’t fit in a carrier bag, so I hugged him the whole way home… I got a few funny looks, but that didn’t bother me.

For anyone wondering where I got this lop-eared cutie, he’s from Sainsburys and he cost me £20… I think they only have then for easter though, so if ya want one get it quick.

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