Going to bed Stinky

I haven’t slept stinky in what feels like forever, and I normally go poop around midday, not at night.

Today however I decided to give myself an enema to aid in going #2.

It feels really weird doing an enema as I very rarely do them, and normally prefer a more solid poopy when I go.

I’m still wearing it now, and more keeps coming out, this thing’ll be packed before bed at this rate lol. I’m just happy to be a stinker at the moment, it’ll be nice to sleep like this.

I think I may need to put my plastic pants on when I head to bed though just to be on the safe side, I will say it feels good, and just as a point of reference, my diaper isn’t wet… That’s all from my tushy.

Yep, my rooms gonna be stinky by morning, I’ll be sure to do a blog post tomorrow showing how my padding looks.

I hope my padding doesn’t leak overnight, but I suppose if it does I’d be wearing plastic pants anyway, just hoping it stays in the back of my padding ‘cuz i sleep on my tummy.

But anyway, I’ll see you all in the morning… wish me a good and mushy night sleep.


I’ve not long woken up and did also wet my diapee when I went to bed, only the front though… The pic shows the rear of my padding, I did poop a little more when I woke up too.

Anyways, I would have released the 1st part of this post last night, but I was asleep before ThisVid approved the video… They must’ve been running behind as the “Latest” were 3 hour ago.

Anyways, I think I need a much needed shower, and I’ll catch ya’ll later.

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