Stinky Padding / SL Struggles

Hello everyone, before I go on about how my diaper was, or how my holiday’s been so far, I want to talk about something that happened to me on Second Life… What I’m about to say happened to me between going to bed Saturday night, and waking up Sunday morning.

I was online Friday night, with all of my family, talking with everyone as normal.

On Saturday I didn’t log in as I was binging the new season of Sabrina on Netflix, and went to bed after.

Sunday morning comes around and I check my phone like I do every morning and wake up to an email saying that I’ve been ejected from the family group, and that my Items have been returned… needless to say that woke me the hell up.

I got onto my PC to find I was also banned from the family sim (that I was helping set up for the MC they run), and that I’ve been kicked from the family discord too.

I tried to IM the person who did it (My “Grandma”) and got no response at all… I had done nothing at all wrong and was royally upset, as my Mommy & friend both help run the MC and need to be there most of the time.

So my “Grandma” ripped me away my home (she’d invited me and my Mommy to move onto the sim) & my Mommy, as I can’t go there to be with her.

Neither my Mommy, or my friend (Her Daughters) knew anything about this either, and my Mommy ended up putting on some linden (SL Currency) to get land to prevent me being homeless.

All I gotta say is be careful on Second Life, and keep a backup plan… I’ve gotten my new home looking nice now though, I decided to go with a more natural feel for home since I love the look. Here’s a pic of it.

I still have received nothing in the way of info as to why this has happened, and they have unfriended me on discord… so all I gotta say is fuck them with a 10 ft cactus with no lube… Sorry about my language, but as you can imagine it upset and ticked me off a lot.

Anyways, back to my holiday.

This is during Sunday, and ‘cuz of what I mentioned above I was kinda out of it, so it’s only a simple one this time.

As I said earlier, I decided to continue to watch the new season of Sabrina on Netflix, and I’d gotten padded before bed Saturday night.

As I was watching it, trying to take my mind off of things, I needed to poopy and didn’t want to neglect my blog ‘cuz of what happened in SL, So I grabbed my phone and shot a quick vid for you to enjoy.

I ended up staying stinky until I got the majority of my home looking how it does, and yes I gave my diaper a good squish before I took it off… Even when upset I can’t deny a good squish to help me feel better.

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  • i’m so sorry to hear about what happened on SL… but at least you got some padded fun! it’s a while that i don’t pad up myself… i think i’ll do it this weekend; i need to relax a bit too