Relaxing Too Much…

Today was a day of relaxation for me, with no intentions to make content, I’ve spend all day nice and comfortable wearing my cloth diaper I put on last night.

I’ve been watching a few movies today as well, and though I was padded, I opted to use the potty over my diapee as I was wearing mostly for comfort.

As the day went on, while watching a movie, I was at an exciting part and needed to tinkle so I decided wet rather then pause to go potty… also remembering that I needed to do laundry today anyway, so washing my diapee would be no issue.

As you can see though, I needed to go number 2 a little later, and thought to myself “It’s going through the wash anyway, since it’s already wet”.

As such I went ahead and relaxed myself and let it go in my diapee. there’s a fair bit back there too hehe… Chances are I’ll squish before I shower and enjoy it a little.

But yeah… It’s been a relaxing day today, especially after how many videos I edited yesterday. I’m planning on heading for a shower shortly so my hair can dry before bedtime… On that note, I’ll see ya crinklebutts later.

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