Gassy Morning Dooky

Morning everyone… As some of you know I was wanting to sleep stinky last night, but my body didn’t wanna play ball.

So this morning, when I needed to go I grabbed my phone, and was ready for it… wasn’t expecting my gassiness though hehe.

All in all I feel it was a good vid, I’m not planning on making a squish vid this time as I don’t wanna be repetitive, though I may add a balled up diaper pic when I change.

I am also planning to record a second video when getting into my cloth diaper later, which will be more of a talky video… Though I can say that you’ll be seeing my PeePee in it as it’ll include me putting it on.

I just changed out of the diaper and am now clean.

I wore this the whole time I was working on the Compilation Video that I just posted…. That kinda took about an hour or 2 to put together as I had to hunt down some of my older vids again.

As you can tell by the pic, I was waaaay overdue a diaper change, and I soaked it prior to taking it off as well as my regular squish and play routine.

Right now I’m going to let my butt breathe for a few hours before I change into my cloth one and get that video I mentioned made, but in the meantime enjoy that Compilation Vid.