Borked Phone, Edinburgh Trip & Bonus Vid

Borked Phone

1st off, yes… It’s been a while since my last post, and I’m sorry about that… But trust me, there is a very good reason as to why.

As I’ve been using my phone as of late, it’s been having some major issues with both it’s camera and it’s ability to be used as a phone… The camera portion has been acting up for a while now, as I’d been experiencing problems trying to launch the camera (not ideal if you’re desperate to go potty)

But these issues have gotten way worse, and when booting up my phone I get a service indicator, and it will have either camera or phone abilities (not both) meaning I’m currently without a camera (short of using my old & barely usable phone), and even if it does load with its cam, it begins to overheat when trying to load it… So yeah, I’ma be buying a new phone come payday.

Edinburgh Trip

My flatmate offered to take me to Edinburgh for a couple of days over last weekend… I thoroughly enjoyed it, and we ended up doing a lot while we were there, including going on 2 tours (one of which was Harry Potter themed), World of Illusions, and even a Cat CafĂ©.

And yes, I did be sure to drink a whiskey while I was there, it seemed like a sin not to.

All in all though it was great fun, and I even ended up bringing home a new plushy, his name is Balthasar… And he’s my lil owly.

I took a lot of pics while I was there too, granted they’re not as good quality as I’d like due to having to use my old phone as I mentioned earlier, but at least I was able to take pics while there, even IF I had to wait ’til I got home to move them to my PC.

If you want to see all the pics I took, feel free to check out my Flickr album link below.

Bonus Vid

I’d recorded this prior to not having a cam on my phone, so it’s actually a decent image…

On the day I recorded this it was National Underwear Day, so I thought I’d be a potty pants for once in a while, even if it wasn’t super visible when I went poopy.

Anyways, I wanna say this about wraps up what’s been happening as of late and where I’ve been too… Unfortunately due to the lack of a camera on my phone there’s not going to be many pics and vids for a few weeks, I may try to get a couple though.

With that said, Have fun and Stay Safe & Stinky!