Holiday & A Stinky Diapee

Today is my 1st day on my summer holiday from work, I’m gonna be off for almost a month, so you’ll be seeing more live streams as well as more posts over the next few weeks.

Today I decided to have a bit of a waddle to town when i needed to grab a few essentials such as bags for my dirty diapees, and some vape juice.

I was wearing shorts and my Baby Bear T-Shirt when I went there and padded under… Here’s a quick pic showing hot bulky it looked, I also waddled as I walked… I also got recognised by both an old flatmate, and a student at one of the school I work at.

But yeah, I’m pretty sure most of you are here for the stinky padding haha, so I’ll get to that part now.

After I got back from town and sat down to nom my lunch I wet my diaper (I didn’t wanna risk my pee smelling in public).

A little while later I started to need to poopy, and I thought rather than record the angle I normally would, I’d instead do it crouching, which is preferred position to poop in anyways.

Needless to say I was a little surprised by the “*toot*”s, so I added the the little text for them hehe… I’m still currently in the diapee, and went a teeny bit more while edited the video.

With that said, I hope you enjoyed this little update and vid. and I’ll see ya’ll again soon… Have Fun, & Stay Stinky