Diaper Delivery & Hard Work

It’s been a little while since I last posted an update, I know this all too well… As of late I’ve been pretty busy when it comes to work, and haven’t had much time to be a mushbutt either…

Don’t get me wrong, I have been stinky, and even uploaded a Stinky Diaper Video over at ThisVid last week.

The main reason for the lack of content here, was mostly ‘cuz I didn’t really have anything new happening besides working more.

I was also running a bit low on padding (being down to just Tenas & not wanting to wear one from my collection)… I want to keep one of every diaper I try.

Thus, I did a diapee order… And got to use my ABU discount too, I got a nice surprise when I opened the box to find some stickers and suckers (lolly pops) in there too! I ended up going to my 2nd shift with a blue tongue ‘cuz of them too haha.

I plan to use the stickers, but am not sure where to put them as of yet, so they’re sat on my desk in front of me at the moment, chances are one or 2 may end up on my laptop though.

But yeah, now I’ve got my new diapers expect to see some more content relatively soon, I wanna say on Monday or Tuesday… But that’s depends on what I end up doing during the weekend, as I’ve been spending time with my flatmate as of late (including buying adaptors to hook my karaoke mics up to my PC), as well as being on Second Life too since I’ve been re-adopted (…and got premium).

Oh yeah, I believe Flo’s gonna be working on my next Patreon Reward soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that if you support them… I’m looking forward to see it since it’s gonna have both Tommy & Kimi in it.

Ok for real now, I’m gonna end this post before I accidentally write a dang book haha… Have Fun, And if you’re out, go potty in your diaper in case the toilet isn’t clean… We have an excuse now hehe, See ya’ll later.