A Drunk Night In & A Stinky Day After

Friday night was a bit of a crazy one, I’d spent the night before downloading GTA:V onto my laptop ready for it, as me and a couple of flatmates planned to have a bit of a gaming/drinking night… I also tried a few other games, but for some reason a few didn’t like my PS3 controller for some reason (I have it set up as an Xbox 360 Controller)… But I still got to play Sonic 2 Multiplayer on my emulator for the 1st time so that was awesome.

All in all It was an awesome night, and I probably drank more than I ever have done on a single night, thankfully one of my flatmates cooked for us all so I wa able to keep it up without falling asleep on all of them.

Speaking of falling asleep, I’m really thankful that I had the mindset to pad up midway through the night (partially ‘cuz I spilt a little food on my pants), ‘cuz during the night while sleeping, I kinda soaked my diapee and found myself waddling around a bit in the morning before changing prior to going poopy (I would have just gone doody in it, but it was damn near falling off from the wetting, and I was in the lunge with a flatmate at the time, so thought it was best to change)

Yesterday however I did go poopy in my padding, I’d padded up before bed, and ended up a little soggy and did a very small load before I even went to sleep…

I needed to go pretty much straight after padding up, so I decided to just sleep like it, ‘cuz I knew I’d more than likely go more in the morning

Here’s a pic of that one after my initial wetting.

Fast forward to Today, and I woke up happy and soggy, with a slight smell hehe… Though I later added to my load.

As you can see, I definitely went more… I stayed in it for a while, and added a fair amount of mush (along with a couple of wetting) to it.

When it came to time to change, I held off for a little bit to allow one of my flatmates to use the shower before me so I didn’t stink out the room before hand… That, and it lat me stay mushy a little longer hehe.

When I did go to change I ended up pushing out another round while I was in there, and made sure to give it a good squish hehe… I needed a proper shower anyways ‘cuz I have work tomorrow, so I kinda spreading through my whole diapee… it felt soo nice… *blushes*

Anywhoo, that just about finishes this little blog post… Yhough before I forget, I as of yet haven’t found out when my new PC will get here, if I don’t get an email by tomorrow I may give them a call to see how far off I am from getting it.

But yeah… Have fun, Stay safe, & Keep crinkling.