Upside to a Padded Pandemic

As we all know, the current crisis affecting the globe is kinda nuts… And here in the UK, we are in lockdown at the moment.

As some of you know I work as a High School cleaner, and I’ve been working during the lockdown doing vital work to aid in this during the school closures.

I also live in a flat share with 4 others, meaning we have to share a potty… So being padded is really handy right now so I don’t need to risk myself catching it from using the evil thing. I do like being a stinkybutt so have no issues avoiding the potty hehe… Also good ‘cuz of the lack of potty paper lately.

But yeah, I also want to do a quick shoutout to ABU for helping support key workers like myself, offering discounts to orders if you apply.

If you are an essential worker like myself (following the definitions at here), you can reach out to ABU so they can give a “token of their gratitude for your hard work.”

I’ll be sure to make an order to them once I’ve got my now PC built… I got a feeling I’ll be needing them with being padded up a bunch lately, *pokes their soggy diaper* …I also need to go poopy, so I’ma be changing in a little bit.

So as a final little message… Don’t Hoard (unless it’s plushies), Stay Safe, & Keep Crinkling!