A Day of Doody

Last night after I got done with work, I decided to pad up and relax for the weekend… A recurring trend on a friday night… hehe

I decided to wear one of my Crinklz Aquanauts diapers this time after finding a pack open that I’d forgot about underneath my onesie.

After I’d have my noms I did a rather big wetting, using the front of my diaper before bed.

That brings me on to today, starting out pretty windy after I’d eaten my breakfast and drank my morning coffee.

I started to need to go poopy, so I thought I’d do a recording since i’ve not made a post in a fair while now.

Here’s the video, with boosted audio for extra enjoyment.

After that load I decided to stay stinky for a few hours, and ended up adding a decent amount more into it as well…

I needed to poop and little more, as well as tinkle a couple more times… which included wetting the rear of my already bulging diaper…

As you can see I managed to make a pretty massive bulge prior to changy time.

Speaking of changes, I decided to do that a little bit ago… Here’s how it looked bagged up after my change…

This bugger weighed a ton!

This reminds me… I also have a quick question to some of you in the community.

Oh yeah… I also fixed up the colors for these polls, I forgot about that for a moment haha… But yeah, I’ma call this post done for today…

Remember, have fun, and Keep Crinkling!