A Bulgy Diapee is a Good Diapee

This is only gonna be a small post today, mostly ‘cuz I’m mostly wanting to relax this weekend….

It doesn’t stop me from being a stinker, and I kinda loaded my diaper earlier. I padded up last night and was a little wet before bedtime, I wet again in the morning and later decided to record going #2 for ya.

The loud fart kinda caught me off guard in this video, but it definitely was a good addition…

I ended up staying in this diaper for about 6ish hours, and added a little more to it during that time.

I did plan to record squishing it, but my phone was on charge at that point so I couldn’t, but trust me when I say it filled both front and back when I did.

Here’s a quick pic I took of it prior to putting it in the bin after I’d bagged it up…

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