Health back to Normal & PC Parts Picked

1st things first, I’m feeling waay wetter now, the illness I mentioned in my last post has finally gone… I did end up taking Tuesday off work though, as when I woke up that day my balance was that off that I needed to walk with my hand on the wall. I’m glad it’s gone now, ‘cuz that bugger sucked!

PC wise, I was looking at a prebuilt system off of amazon, but out of curiosity I decided to look up all the components to see how much it’d cost me to build it myself.

Turns out that it’s over £100 cheaper WITH some upgraded components (CPU/RAM/PSU), so I’m definitely going that route.

All in all the system will have an AMD Ryzen 5 2600X, RTX 2060, and 16GB 3000MHz Ram… so should be more than capable for streaming, and playing games at good frame rate… It’ll also speed up rendering time for my videos too.

I should be able to afford this system build by June (inc. new screen ‘cuz no VGA), but will more likely buy the componentes & build it in July as schools break up then meaning I’d have 5 weeks off work to get it all set up sorted.

It’ll definitely be nice to have a decent PC again, and then I can stream again too… I was just getting into it prior to my graphics card going poop.

Want to help me save?

Anyways, that’s about it for this little update as I was just wanting to let you know that I’m feeling good and have a plan for the pc… Also if you do with to donate towards my new system, any excess will go to more AB supplies (Like the Threaded Armour Fun Undies that I’ve had my eyes on).

But yeah… It’s Friday, and I have every intention on being a crinklebutt after my second shift today, and with that said, Keep Crinkling Everyone!

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