A Quick Christmas Update

Hiya everyone, this is only going to be a small little blog post today as I’m mostly wanting to give a little update how my Christmas trip is going so far.

Christmas Day was a but if a quiet one as we had arranged our festivities around my Mums work timetable…

Which ended up not mattering as she unfortunately had a slip causing a broken wrist a couple of days before I came down (meaning she’s unable to work for few weeks).

We ended up spending the day relaxing, and my Uncle came to visit too which was nice, that way he wasn’t on his own for Christmas.

I also got to open my gifts too, my Mum got be some really soft and fuzzy PJs, along with my normal smellies (Deodorant and shower gel), some undies (not the padded kind though 🙁), and some more socks, one of which has a 💩 Emoji on it which I like… My Uncle got me a load of stuff for my cycling, including reflective waterproofs, new lights, and a little backpack to store it all in. He honestly didn’t need to get my anything given that without him I wouldn’t be able to be here in the 1st place.

That’s about everything that happened on Christmas Day, and we are planning to go to my Uncles for a proper celebration on Saturday, I’ll make sure to update you all on what happens there.

Unfortunately there’s no padded content for this trip as I have no way to pad up while I’m down here, I have got one with me, but that’s for my trip home.

Anyways, I hope you liked this little update post, and I shall be back in a few days to keep you updated on my travels… I will admit I’m missing being padded already though, but I respect my Mums rules on it.

See you all later, Have fun and for all who can, Keep Crinkling.

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