Bad Luck, New Bike, BUNNY & Good News!

As I’ve mentioned on my last couple of posts, I’ve been having major issues with my bike… Well, on Thursday it got even worse and my gear cable snapped, locking it into the highest gear.

I had planned to keep riding it until my January pay as I’d planned to get a train ticket to visit family for Xmas, but thanks to my bike issues I was unable to buy a train ticket… Being able to get to and from work is more important (My mum also agreed), so I had to call off the my trip in favor of getting a new bike… Here’s a pic of of my new bike, for those wondering it cost £160 Total.

I also ended up getting mudguards on this one, so I’ll no longer end up with a wet patookie when cycling in the rain… I also got cycle care on it so it should last me a little longer than my old one.

Unfortunately, buying the bike meant that I’d be on my own for Christmas… Which I’ll admit made be rather supset as I’d been looking forward to my Christmas trip for ages…

That is, until today… My Uncle messaged me asking if I had a PayPal, and how much the train ticket would cost… Needless to say I’m super happy ‘cuz now I can visit my family again! Due to my Mums work we’ll be getting together between Xmas and New Years for our festivities.

Also I saw a bunny today while making a coffee!

So yeah this week has been a little crazy for me (both financially and emotionally), I also realize this post hasn’t really had anything to do with diaper content…

However, I was wet & stinky yesterday once I padded up after picking up my new bike, so here’s a pic of that diaper for you all to stare at.

I am padded at the moment as well, and am a bit wet, and am planning to change when I shower ready for work tomorrow… I also need to do laundry and nom today, but I can do those while soggy.

Anyhoo I’m gonna end this post before I start rambling, Have fun, and Keep Crinkling!