I’m Still Alive, Tech, & Stinkiness

First things first, I’m sorry for the lack of updates here as of late… Quite a bit has happened since I last make a post, I had planned to make a post 2 weeks ago, about getting my new (and really glowy) keyboard & mouse, as well as a potential mushy video.

Unfortunately those plans kinda fell through after gaining food poisoning over the weekend… if anyone live in Lancaster, UK never order food from flames

I did still gain my new keyboard & Mouse as You can see here.

Now that I have this shiny new thing it mean I’ve been able to start using Linux (I couldn’t before ‘cuz my old keyboard used to spam the F4 key without software), and I’ve not got it fully set up… and even edited my most recent video on it… WoooOOoo, Foreshadowing!

The week after at work was super hard, as it’s been really rainy here, work’s been a royal mess lately, and I’ll be honest, I didn’t have the energy to write up a blog post, & ended up mostly just relaxing during the weekend…

I did find time to record a super quick poopy though as you can see here.

The Friday of that week was super annoying, even more so ‘cuz it’s still affecting me to this day… When I was pulling into my 2nd Pack for work that night, the bottom bracket on my bike (the baring between the peddles) pretty much destroyed itself, locking up my peddles in the process… thankfully I was able to push past the lock up and get moving again.

Now though (until I have the money to get it fixed), My bicycle is making one hell of a grinding noise whenever I peddle, and keeps trying to lock up on me again… It’s at the point now where I’m getting off and walking whenever there’s the slightest incline, to stop it getting even more damaged.

Ok… now we’re back to the present, and I’ve been a mushy bunny as per the norm hehe. Last night I put on an ABU BunnyHopps diaper before bed, and by the time I’d woken up it was already a little bit soggy (I must’ve been relaxed).

Later in the day, I felt kinda desperate to poody, so Decided to grab my phone and record it for ya’ll… This is this video I mentioned earlier that I edited in Linux.

I’ll admit, Kdenlive is pretty dang good as far as Linux Video editors go… Though i will admit it was a little tricky to figure out the fade-ins/outs

It does it as to/from black when I do it as I would in Vegas, which doesn’t work with the Text or Sticker overlays as those need to by from transparent… Anyway, enough nerding out, onto the Pics.

The 1st 2 photos were taken not long before I decided to go and change… As you can tell I kinda loaded the thing, that much so that it very nearly squished out the back when I sat down before changing.

I think it’s time to finally wrap up this post… Apologies for the sheer length of this one, but as you can see it’s been kinda crazy… But with that said, Have Fun and Keep Crinkly.