Stinky End to a Hard Week

Work this week has been really hard, mostly thanks to the wet weather lately… My main shift is cleaning changing rooms that are directly connected to a field, which along with rugby practice, has been a complete mess.

A few days this week I’d not been able to finish ’til after my shift was meant to have ended, so needless to say it’s been a busy week.

When I got home from work yesterday, I got padded up in one of my BunnyHopps and ended going poopy prior to bedtime, so I was able to sleep stinky for the 1st time in what feels like forever.

It’s hard to tell from this pic, but I went more as the evening progressed and it got a bit bulgier before bedtime.

I gotta say that it felt really nice to sleep stinky for a once, even if it kinda stunk hehe.

When I woke up in the morning, it felt super nice… I even made breakfast like it…

Speaking of which, I was getting my toast and morning coffee, and another resident walked into the kitchen…

Thankfully I was wearing my dressing gown, though that didn’t do anything for the smell, luckily they didn’t mention anything, I’m still gonna feel a little awkward around them now though.

This is what my diaper looked like when I went into the kitchen, to think I spent the night like this hehe.

After my breakfast I even went again, pushing a second rather large load to my padding, as well as wetting the back as well.

I love to be a stinker, but wow did it stink… I ended up staying stinky all morning, just chilling out and watching videos.

I have now changed out of that mushy thing, and now it feel weird not being padded as I’d been in it so long… I’m just letting my booty breathe for a while and will probably change into a fresh one again before bed.

Here’s how my diaper looked just before I went to go and change… It freaking stunk.

Before I took off my diaper, I did sit down and give it a good squish… When I did it ended up filling the front and rear of my padding, which kinda made me rub and, erm… Yeah, I wouldn’t be a good baby if I didn’t use my diaper for everything. 😊

Anywhoo, I’ma leave this post off here, and I’ll catch you all later…

Have Fun, & Stay Stinky!