Hacked & Phishing Scam

If you got here via an email, Change your password! Here’s why…

Hello everyone, This is only going to be a quick post today, and serves as both a warning to those affected & to server owners…

I woke up this morning to find an email from my Google Search Console telling me that I had Malicious Content on my site, when I checked there I found out that there had been multiple Phishing Scripts added to my server.

After logging in and changing my servers backend password, I deleted all of the Scripts that had been logged by google… I then looked at my Raw Access Logs, to see if there were any others, of which there was. It was hidden behind a [DOT]folder, so a quick toggle in my server file manager allowed me to access it.

After talking with my server host, they recommended a security plugin for my site to aid against attacks.

I have now responded to any companies that emailed me about this scandal, and Google has removed the malicious warning message from my site.

These phishing systems build fake versions of pages to try and trick uses into giving out personal information such as email addresses, passwords, social security and others…

For anyone who got here via one of these emails, please change your email password, and keep an eye out for phishing attempts like these.