Holiday, Gadgets & Mushiness

It’s finally half term here in the UK, meaning I get just over a week off of work… That and pay day arrived too.

I ended up buying a couple of gadgets for myself as I’m a sucker for tech, the 1st being a bluetooth speaker/mood light…

I got it from B&M Bargains for £9.99 and it’s actually remarkably good, both in loudness and style.

I also went and got some candy since Halloween is coming up, weather it’ll last ’till then is another question… We don’t get tick or treaters, so they’ll mostly be mine.

The third thing I bought was a smartwatch as the strap on my old one broke a while back, and it was having connection issues with my new phone as well… also this new one matches my phone so I’m happy.

The 1st thing I did when I got home from work the last day, was put on a diapee… After I wet a few times, I went to bed a bit soggy.

The next morning I decided let loose, loading my padded, and it felt soo good hehe, it was also remarkably loud (to where I day to lower the blort to stop it peaking)

I also went potty earlier today in my cloth diapee, but didn’t end up recording it, and it wasn’t a big poopy anyways as I’d gone earlier in the day.

Tonight, I decided to head to the store and get a few drinks since I’m off work and rarely have alcohol…

I like cider, and since I can get 8 cans for £6.98 from Bargain Booze I did that.

As I was drinking my 1st can I decided to ask some peeps on Telegram what diapee to wear…

I gave a choice between 5 differant ones, inclunding a pic of them all.

As you can see, the ABU BunnyHopps ended up winning, and the Aquanauts was a close second. as you can see.

Since the BunnyHopps won, I took a couple of pic to show the chat since they voted for it, as shown below.

I’m planning to be padded a fair bit during my time off, so there may be a couple of bonus posts over the next week… No promises though ‘cuz I may want to just relax.

Anyhoo, I hope ya’ll enjoyed this post, and I’ll see you again soon… Have fun, and Stay Stinky!