Messy Two for One

Last night after work I put on a pair of undies, planning to be a rebel and poopy them today.

I ended up needing to go a little later that night… But after going, I wanted to stay stinky and didn’t wanna change before bed, so I decided to pad up over the top and sleep in it (wetting it before bed).

When I woke up this morning I felt the need, and pushed a second load into it, and 3rd later, with more wettings along the way.

Needless to say, these undies for majorly messed up, and have even gained a bit of a stain in the back (even after a wash) which I find kinda funny…

I didn’t have my phone with me for the squish & removal, but I will say that when I sat down it very nearly escaped out of the back… All in all it was fun, even if I did end up with a teeny bit of a diapee rash… *Blushes*

Anyhoo, I hope ya enjoyed the vid, and I’ma let my booty breathe for a while, See ya’ll later.