Tommy x Xevy Commission & a Gift too

After a Conversation I’d had with my friend Xevi in Telegram an idea for a pic came to mind, so I thought head over to Flo and see about Commissioning it…

Bolow are the pics I’d commissioned of Me & Xevi sharing a mushy pamp, and being really “Happy” about it hehe…

And below is a SFW variant I got as a Patreon Reward the went toward the commission cost.

When I commissioned the pic of me & Xevi, Flo decided to be a butt and surprise me with this bugger…

Not that I’m going to complain in the slightest, heck getting humps from my favorite pupper butt is always fun hehe.

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SFW (Clean/Little): BabyFwoNSFW (Messy/Adult): OverFlo207