Bonus: Mega Messy – Squish & Play

Hiya… a little bit of a bonus post today ‘cuz I went to bed soggy last night, and when I got up I ended up dropping one of my biggest loads… Thus I had to give ya’ll a squishy vid hehe.

Here’s a pic of what my Padding looked like after I first went poopy… As you can tell it got pretty dang full!

This was after 2 wettings before bed and another in the morning before I loaded it.

I ended up staying stinky for a few hours before I decided to change, and figured I’d bring you on the ride with me.

Originally this was just going to be a squishy video, but when I sat down the urge to play kinda kicked in.

I squished it a lot, not enough to cause a leak though… Also a pre-warning to those who want to watch, my hand is shown with mush on it at the end… *blushes*

Once I’d finished playing I decided to take a pic of the damage that can be seen below the video.